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Gino Ballantyne in Bookmarks XIV

Gino Ballantyne is the artist who perhaps has worked with Artivity for the longest period of time. Gino tested Artivity since phases one and two, working with Inkscape and Linux. He produced a significant body of work for these phases including work developed inside the fine art studios of Chelsea College of Arts. A further development to his work led to his contribution to Bookmarks XIV.

New Artivity website

Given that the Alpha release of Artivity for MacOSX is now ready to download, this was a good chance to create a new online presence where the most recent Artivity versions can be found. Check out:

This is a more outward looking website highlighting some important features of Artivity as well as featuring links to the research project page (this page) and the partner pages.

Future Artivity releases for all platforms will be made available through that website.

For now: happy browsing!

Artivity goes on to phase 3

With a bit of a delay, I am updating the project blog to announce that Artivity has been awarded funding for the third phase of the project. See Daniela's blog entry about it. Since the end of phase 2 Artivity could run on Windows and MacOSX but with limited support for creative applications. There are lots of exciting developments for the third phase:

Gino Ballantyne's contribution

Having completed nearly all of the testing sessions for the second phase of Artivity I have began publishing the resulting data in figshare. The first batch is already up from the artist Gino Ballantyne, but I will be getting the second machine with the rest of the data over the weekend so I will be publishing more. For reference this data is here:

Gino Ballantyne's contribution for Phase 2

Artivity artists for phase 2

I have been meaning to write a blog post about the artists who are testing Artivity tools and producing some data for us and today I managed to get some time to do it. The two Artivity laptops have been setup and have been travelling up and down the country. We have been lucky to have contributions from a number of artists:


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